Prevent Slips and Falls

March 30, 2023

Auto Shop Floor Degreaser All-Purpose Purple from Pure Motoring Products

Auto shops and garages are filled with fluids from vehicles and products. It’s not only easy for oil, grease, and other chemicals to build up or for products to spill, but it’s also expected. This is why it’s critical to consistently and properly clean shop floors. If an employee or customer steps on a slick spot on the floor, it can lead to an injury from a dangerous slip and fall. It’s a business owner’s responsibility to ensure their premises is as safe as possible. To avoid injuries and potential lawsuits, make sure you’re prioritizing a clean space. 

Potential Hazards 

Common slipping and tripping hazards in shops include leaks from oil or other fluids and chemicals, spills and drips, uneven or slippery flooring (especially on slick tiles), clutter and cords in frequent traffic spaces, and poor lighting that makes it difficult to see where you’re putting your feet. Shops and garages are typically fast-paced environments, and employees are probably going nonstop from open to close. Adding one more task to their to-do list may seem frustrating, but ensuring everyone is on safe ground will be worth it. If your shop is so busy that cleaning is rarely addressed, you may need to consider hiring someone just for cleaning purposes to ensure you shop is safe. An injury from a slip and fall is one of the most common problems for workers, especially in the auto industry. About 15% of all workers’ comp claims stem from a slip, trip, and fall. But even if someone doesn’t get hurt slipping on a dirty floor, it’s still wise to keep the area clean for productivity and aesthetic purposes, too.  

How to Handle an Injury 

If the unfortunate does happen, be sure to seek medical attention immediately, even if the injury does not appear severe. As an employer, getting medical attention for someone who has fallen can help minimize workers’ compensation issues because you can prove that you addressed the problem as quickly as possible. Gather any evidence as to how the fall happened, who was a witness, why there was a problem, and what you plan to do to mitigate future issues. Writing down all the hazards and details will help with any potential claims, and you can put your energy into making sure your employee is okay. 

The Right Products

Cleaning grease and grime effectively requires the use of products that are specially formulated for the job. To instantly remove harsh liquids from spills or leaks, choose the water-based All-Purpose Purple cleaner. It’s safe for brick, concrete, and metal and can be used manually or in a pressure washer. It prevents soil redeposition and is 100% biodegradable. Our product is highly concentrated so you can dilute it based on your needs to get the best results. Cleaning with subpar products will only make for a tougher job. Only trust the highest quality cleaning products for your shop or personal garage. Pure Motoring Products is your one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs.