A Clean Workspace is a Productive Workspace

January 19, 2023

A clean auto shop or garage not only makes working easier but it provides a desirable space for clients, guests, and you to be in. For auto shops, it’s important to promote a business image that has a high attention to detail and cares about the quality of work they perform. This includes the image of the shop itself. Here are some tips for keeping a professional shop or a home garage clean.

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Daily Floor Maintenance Routine

Keeping floors clear of debris or oil spills is important for safety as well as looks. A floor with slick spots can be dangerous, and debris around walking paths create tripping hazards. It’s certainly a redundant job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Plan a daily cleanup task list that includes addressing floor space during peak business hours, emergency clean up response, and end-of-day processes. 

Keep Up on Scheduled Shop Deep Cleanings 

Even if you’re on top of the daily cleanings, make sure to schedule periodic deep cleanings to remove heavy buildup of chemicals, lubricants, and other fluids. Pick these cleanings to occur outside of business hours and as a team effort so it’s more fun than frustrating.

Lay Down Mats

Mats are a great way to slow the spread of spills and provide an added amount of tread for your feet. You can upgrade some of those mats to anti-fatigue mats to help employees that are standing in the same spot for many hours of the day. 

Invest in Clean Shop Towels 

Shop towels get ruined quickly and it’s tempting to keep using that old, tattered rag. Of course, it’s practical to reuse towels, but consider opting for a laundering service to make sure you’re in constant supply of clean, usable towels.

Maintain Waiting Areas and Restrooms 

Waiting rooms should be inviting and comfortable and restrooms should be clean and accessible. It’s easy to forget about these spaces, but clients will not enjoy waiting in a room that’s uncomfortable. Especially if it’s commonplace for clients to wait for their cars to be serviced, you’ll want them to feel happy about being there for a time. It doesn’t need to be luxury, just a comfortable place to sit, a drink option close by, possible access to wi-fi and electrical outlets, and even a few kid-friendly toys.   

Use Safe Cleaners for Parts 

Parts that need to be cleaned should only be done so with safe products to avoid inhalation hazards or chemical burns. Hold trainings with employees on proper cleaning care of equipment to ensure safety for everyone and reduce potential hazards at the shop. 

Use Appropriate Tools 

High quality products will make cleaning much more effective, both in regard to time spent and in effectiveness of the process. Choose properly mixed cleaning products that are appropriate for the needs of your shop or garage and make sure you’re separating cleaning tools when working with hazardous materials to ensure there is no cross contamination. Check out some great cleaning products from our shop.

At Pure Motoring Sports, our passion is to see your passion cruise on successfully. For the best in cleaning products, visit us today.