Gas Additives Product Spotlight

March 01, 2023

Gasoline Performance Additives from Pure Motoring Products

Motor enthusiasts know the benefits of gas additives and understand that the right products are worth every penny. Vehicles will perform better if fluids are high quality, clean, and changed appropriately, enabling gears and components to move easily. The additive for your vehicle is dependent on what you’d like to achieve, the age of the vehicle, and gas vs diesel. In general, gas additives can help to prevent buildup, which is crucial because gunk buildup can cause blockages in your fuel injector. Carbon deposits collect in the fuel injectors over time, blocking the fuel from entering the combustion chamber. As these clogs continue to build, your fuel economy will suffer and eventually your vehicle will end up in the shop with costly repairs that may have been preventable. 

Once you begin adding gas additives, you won’t notice improvements right away. Your car will need consistent additives to help clean out the deposits thoroughly. Older cars especially contain more buildup, making them great candidates for quality additives. Even small amounts of buildup will affect performance, which makes additives a smart treatment for preventative car care.

It’s important to note that more is not better with these additives. Don’t overuse these additives as doing so can end up harming your vehicle’s gauges and sensors. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re concerned about the amount to use for your vehicle, ask your trusted mechanic or talk to us at Pure Motoring Products. 

Great Options for Gas Treatments 

A great all-season performance additive for gas/ethanol is Phaze-Out. This product cleans critical fuel system components and is safe for many gas or ethanol engines. Phaze-Out helps prevent separation of E-10, E-15, and E-85 fuels, inhibits corrosion of metal parts, and improves combustion. It’s also a fuel stabilizer and is safe for all 2- and 4-cycle engines. Although many additives can be overused and cause damage, this one does not, so overtreatment is not a concern. When filling the tank, add Phaze-Out first for best results. 

When it comes to a storage solution, Storzall is your best bet. If you need your vehicle or boat to sit in storage for up to a year, add Storzall to the tank before filling up the last time. This product prevents fuel oxidation, ensuring your engine components don’t rust or corrode while waiting for the next use. It stabilizes fuel, prevents degradation, protects fuels systems, and is safe for gas, diesel, and biodiesel.

Low-quality or unnecessary additives should be not used in any vehicle. They can damage your engine and sensitive electronics. This is why you only want to use high-quality products and for specific reasons. In addition to using gas additives, you’ll need to keep up on other maintenance needs such as oil changes to ensure your car is running at tip-top shape. Discuss your vehicle’s needs with us to help you determine what products to use that will truly be beneficial. As motor enthusiasts ourselves, our goal is to help you keep your vehicle performing well for many years.