Fuel Stabilizer Performance Additive

The best fuel storage performance additive, STORZALL uses an anti-oxidant formula to inhibit fuel oxidation, protecting your fuel system and engine components and helping prevent breakdowns. STORZALL preserves fuel for up to 12 months.

Performance Features
  • Stabilizes Fuel
  • Prevents Fuel Degradation 
  • Protects Fuel System
  • Safe for Gas, Diesel and Biodiesel

Stabilizing & storing fuel over 30 days and up to 12 months.


E-ZOIL performance additives are formulated for today's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. They meet all emission standards and provide added protection for your valuable diesel-powered equipment. All E-ZOIL diesel fuel additives are safe for use with biodiesel fuel.

S80-16   16oz. Bottle Treats 200 gallons


Use 16 ounces to every 200 gallons of fuel.

For best results, add additive before filling tank.

Safety Data Sheet


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