Can Fuel Additives be Used in Hybrid Vehicles?

September 26, 2023

Can Fuel Additives be Used in Hybrid Vehicles from Pure Motoring Products

Hybrid vehicles have been gaining in popularity over the last several years. Hybrids are popular amongst consumers looking for a more sustainable and cleaner mode of transportation but don’t want to make the leap to a full electric vehicle. Electric vehicles, although enjoyed by many, haven’t soared in sales as quickly as expected due to reasons such as high cost, concerns about distance between charges, and shortage of charging stations. 

Some Facts about Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrids are a way to experience both electric and gas-powered worlds. A Reuters article states: “S&P Global Mobility estimates hybrids will more than triple over the next five years, accounting for 24% of U.S. new vehicle sales in 2028.” As emissions requirements are tightened throughout the country, hybrids offer buyers the option to purchase a cleaner vehicle without the commitment of going completely electric, which many are not ready for.  

Toyota’s Prius has long been a favorite amongst hybrid brands. Ford just released a more aggressive plan for hybrid vehicles with an interest in quadrupling its hybrid sales over the next five years. General Motors seem to be less interested in hybrids in the US, while Ford and Toyota continue to prioritize EVs and hybrids alike. GM did say, however, that they plan to stay “committed to its all-electric future ... While we will have hybrid vehicles in our global fleet, our focus remains on transitioning our portfolio to electric by 2030.”

Reuters also shares that throughout the year manufacturers will be marketing over 60 hybrid models in the US, with Toyota and their premium line, Lexus, selling over 18 of those models. Hyundai and Kia are offering 7 models, and Ford and Lincoln will come just under them at 6 models. GM only has a single model for the year, and Stellantis offers just 3. Hybrids have their place, but they are still in short supply, relatively speaking, in the US. 

Using Additives in Your Hybrid

If you have a hybrid car, you may be a little more careful about the fuel you use and the products you put into your vehicle. Rest assured, fuel additives can be used safely in hybrid vehicles. In fact, if you rarely use the gas in the hybrid and are more efficient at charging the vehicle, using a stabilizer is not just an option, it’s a huge benefit. This doesn’t mean you need more stabilizer than another car would use, it just means there may be more reason to use it. Read the label and use the proper amounts on the bottle. Some hybrid vehicles come with a protection feature that monitors your gas and runs the engine if it’s starting to get old, which is comforting and helpful. However, fuel additives for a hybrid can still help minimize the adverse effects of gasoline’s wear on a vehicle’s moving parts, just like any other gas-powered vehicle. To ensure your vehicle, hybrid or not, runs optimally, talk to the experts at Pure Motoring Products to help decide what’s the best solution for your ride and your driving habits.