Nano Engine Super Protection

Blue Chem


High-End Wear Protection recommended for all Diesel & Petrol Engines & Cat

95% Less Wear and Tear!

Product properties

Nano Engine Super Protection creates a highly active nano - barrier in the oil that protects all internal surfaces of engines and assemblies, such as in oil circuit, manual transmissions , differentials. Seals and O - rings are kept supple. Quickest oiling during cold starting, smoother and softer engine running, improved performance, longer life of aggregates and excellent emergency running can be achieved by using of the Nano Engine Super Protection.

Application scope

Use in oil and lubricant circulation in 4-stroke and diesel engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and high performance engines like marine and emergency engines. Maximum oil volume according to manufacturer's instructions must be observed. For use in vehicles with wet clutch, manufacturer’s instructions must be observed.


Add to oil system. We recommend an oil system cleaning with Oil System Cleaner before using this product. Total Oil capacity according to manufacturer specifications must be observed. For use in power steering, gearbox and differentials, mixing ration is 1:10.


*Optimizes fuel and oil consumption

*Extended life span of all units

*Increased performance

*Keeps O-rings and shaft seals soft and supple

*Improve oil flow during cold start

*Excellent "run dry" properties

*Highly effective wear protection

*Smoother and quieter engine running



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