E-Z Sheen


E-Z Sheen

Premium Tire Dressing

The best premium tire dressing, E-Z SHEEN is formulated to give tires a superior, long-lasting shine. E-Z SHEEN protects tires by reflecting harmful UV rays that degrade rubber. E-Z SHEEN can be easily applied and is environmentally safe.


• Provides Long-lasting Shine
• Prevents Premature Tire Fading
• Non-oily, High Gloss Finish
• Low-sling Formula 
• Water-Resistant

For cleaning & polishing your tires


E-ZOIL performance cleaners are formulated for tough cleaning jobs and are safe for the environment when used as directed.

V10-32   32oz. Bottle

V10-01   1gal. Bottle


For Auto Scrubbers: Dilute 1 part ALL-PURPOSE PURPLE to 32 parts water.

For General Use: Apply E-Z SHEEN to tire with fine mist sprayer or sponge and buff. Allow E-Z SHEEN to dry for a high shine finish, or wipe with a clean, soft cloth for a smooth, satin finish. For best results clean surface first with E-Z KLEEN. Repeat as desired. Recommended for exterior use only.

Safety Data Sheet

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