Diesel Aid + Cetane



All-Around Performance Additive

The best all-around diesel fuel performance additive, DIESEL AID + CETANE protects critical fuel system parts while improving power. DIESEL AID + CETANE emulsifies water to prevent fuel system failure and control microbial slime, increases cetane up to 7 points, increases lubricity, improves cold flow, and cleans your fuel system.

Performance Features

Increases Cetane 

Improves Fuel Economy

Totally Disperses Water

Improves Cold Flow

Improves Lubricity

Inhibits Corrosion

Controls Microbial Slime


For Regular Preventative Maintenance:
Use 16 ounces to every 240 gallons of diesel fuel.

For High Performance:
Use 16 ounces to every 120 gallons of diesel fuel.

For best results, add additive before filling tank.

For maximum diesel power, reach for DIESEL AID + CETANE!


E-ZOIL performance additives are formulated for today's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. They meet all emission standards and provide added protection for your valuable diesel-powered equipment. All E-ZOIL diesel fuel additives are safe for use with biodiesel fuel.


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