Vehicle Cleaning Kit

Pure Motoring Products

This vehicle cleaning kit includes great E-ZOIL products.

  • EZ Kleen
  • Cab Kleen
  • Glass Glitz
  • Bare Air

Keeps personal and fleet vehicles clean and a good operational mode. 

E-Z KLEEN removes road film, diesel smoke, oil, and grease from the exteriors of vehicles and equipment with a high-performance solution.

CAB KLEEN features a high-performance composition that is safe for plastic, leather, and carpet, making it the ideal all-purpose vehicle interior cleaner.

GLASS GLITZ is a great product that is streak-free, ready-to-use mixture that dissolves films, light to heavy soils, fingerprints, bugs, and more. Use on glass, windshields, windows, and mirrors.

BARE AIR, the greatest all-natural tea tree air purification spray, attacks odor at its source with 100 percent Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil. By targeting and neutralizing stink and illness-causing substances, BARE AIR successfully eliminates smells and respiratory irritants, leaving you with bare, clean air.

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