Winter Formulated Diesel Fuel Additives

November 18, 2022

Winter weather has its challenges when it comes to keeping a fuel system operating at its most efficient level. With gas prices reaching higher amounts it's time to start using a fuel additive designed to get you the most economical mileage. From personal use to business and fleet it is important to make sure you adjust your vehicle and motor fuel needs to the changing temperatures. 

Semi Trucks Winter Diesel Fuel Additive from Pure Motoring Products

The primary distinction between winter and summer blend gas is Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP). The RVP of a fuel is a measure of how easily it evaporates at higher temperatures. In order to do this, refiners often mix winter gasoline with butane, which is cheap and has a high RVP. They change the final recipe so that the RVP is as high as 15.0 psi, which makes it easier for the gasoline to ignite in cold weather. Winter-blend fuel necessitates a higher RVP. If the fuel does not evaporate quickly in cold temperatures, the engine will start hard and run rough. 

What Diesel Additives Work Best In The Cold?

You've most likely made a significant investment in your equipment, which might include cars, trucks, tractors, dozers, excavators, cranes, generators, ships, rail, and other vehicles. When you work, you need your equipment to function properly. There aren't many additives in modern fuel, so deposits can build up on important parts of the fuel system. Most drivers and machine operators don't realize how dirty the insides of their engines are.

Heavy Diesel Equipment Winter Performance Fuel Additives from Pure Motoring Products

E-ZOIL has been producing high-quality performance fuel additives for over 40 years. Vehicle and equipment specialists all over the world can expect the highest levels of performance, safety, and return on investment from E-ZOIL products. We mean it when we say Diesel Aid completely disperses water. When we say Artic Power gives pour point protection down to -15°F, we mean it. These are just a few of the ways we improve performance with our specialty additives. We provide an extensive selection of highly efficient, competitively-priced products backed by exceptional customer service.

Diesel Fire Plus demulsifies water molecules, boosts cetane by up to 6 points, increases lubricity, improves cold flow, and cleans fuel systems by getting rid of deposits, including those in high pressure common rail engines.

Artic Flo is a high-performance additive for diesel fuel that helps keep your vehicle running smoothly in sub-freezing temperatures. Even the coldest conditions won't stop your engine from running smoothly due to the improved cold flow and increased lubricity.

At Pure Motoring Products, we are proud to be a reputable provider of premium diesel fuel additives. Contact us to learn more about our E-ZOIL products, and place your order now to keep your diesel engine running for thousands of miles.