Sparkling Clear Windows and Mirrors

July 25, 2023

Sparkling Clear Windows and Mirrors from Pure Motoring Products

An entire blog specifically dedicated to window and mirror cleaning? That’s right! Clean windows and mirrors on a vehicle is one of the best ways to make it look amazing, but that’s not all—it’s also about safety. The windows are mirrors are often overlooked when people are cleaning their vehicles at home, but if you take a good glance at them, you’ll see they’re begging for attention. Windshields get splattered with all sorts of stuff on your drives, and the side windows are probably covered in tiny handprints or sticky residue from treats or toys. Dust, dirt, grime, pollen, bird poop, and handprints make any car, new or old, look bad. Plus, enough guck on a window or mirror can create blind spots, making it tough to truly see the road while you’re driving. To make sure your windows are spot-free clean, here are some suggestions for cleaning them well. 

Prep Work for Vehicle Cleaning

Start on the windows and mirrors after you’ve cleaned the rest of the vehicle. We suggest vacuuming out the windows or at least brushing off all the debris that you can first. Leaves and twigs often get stuck in the little crevices, but this will ensure you’ve gotten rid of all that. Start with the outsides of the windows starting with the front windshield, then going to the back windshield. Try to do this in the shade to avoid the glass cleaner evaporating too quickly. If the windows are very hot, move the car and allow them to cool before cleaning. If there is a lot of debris, take a dry rag and dust away all the particles after you’ve vacuumed the larger pieces. Skipping this step can create smear marks that are hard to rid of, or you can even scratch and damage the glass. If your windows are so dirty you don’t really want to admit it, consider washing them down with just a wet rag and letting them air dry first because applying expensive, quality glass cleaners. 

Quality Vehicle Cleaner is Key

Using a high-quality glass cleaner is key to making your windows shine. A lot of glass cleaners include ammonia, which can damage tint jobs or erode the rubber seals around the windows. Steer clear of these cleaners. With a quality, ammonia-free cleaner, it’s safe to either spray on the window itself or on a rag first then apply with a microfiber towel or thick, quality paper towels. Follow the label and clean to its specifications, then finish each window by wiping it with a dry, clean microfiber cloth to eliminate streaks. You can spot treat stains, like bugs that have say there for weeks, then go back over it again for a smooth finish. Don’t forget the side windows, and consider rolling the window down a small amount to get that top portion that hides under the rubber seal. Then it’s time to hop into the car and follow the same steps with the interior of the windows. It may take a little elbow grease, especially for the interior of the back windshield, but it will be worth it. Finally, don’t forget to wipe down the windshield wipers. 

For a high-quality window and mirror cleaner (and more!), Pure Motoring Products has got you covered.