Performance Diesel Fuel Additives: Everything You Need To Know

December 02, 2022

Many carmakers are moving away from diesel engines. The push for clean energy and lower emissions has made diesel-powered cars less popular. However, diesel engines are still among the best when it comes to fuel efficiency. 

If you love diesel engines, you need to take care of them for the best performance. One way to do this is by adding performance diesel to the engine. Performance diesel is a category of fuel additives that enhance and protect your vehicle. 

Here are a few things to know to help you pick the proper fuel additives for your vehicle.

Performance Diesel and Cetane Level

When diesel fuel is refined, it receives a rating called a cetane number. The number indicates combustion speed and compression. Diesel fuel's cetane level is comparable to gasoline's octane rating. Higher numbers indicate higher quality fuel.

Diesel engines perform well when their cetane levels are between 48 and 50. Lower numbers indicate longer ignition delays that require more time for combustion. 

One of the things performance diesel does is raise the cetane level. Additives improve ignition speed and help lubricate the system. Lubrication helps protect components in the fuel system from deterioration. 

The Properties of Diesel Fuel Necessitate Using Additives

If you go to any store that specializes in car parts, you'll notice that there are much more performance fuel additives for diesel engines than gasoline engines. This is because diesel engines have more properties that require protection. A reason for this is that gasoline is more refined than diesel fuel, which is heavier. 

The heaviness of diesel can cause it to go off-spec, which requires additives to prevent that. 

Some of the qualities that need protection include lubricity, cetane level, cold weather performance, and stability. Additives are available in multi-function and single-function mixtures.

Fuel Cleaners

Cleaners are one of the biggest selling points of diesel additives. Fuel cleaners are made up of base oils and hydrocarbons. These ingredients clean out sludge, unclog the engine's injectors and filters, and flush the gunk out of the system. 

They can also prevent the corrosion of the engine's systems.

Be wary about using cleaners that use certain kinds of alcohol in their mixtures. Alcohol can break down plastics, rubbers, and metals. It can also degrade the fuel's flashpoint.  

Isopropanol alcohol can clean out your system without degrading the integral parts of your engine.

Get the Most Out of Your Diesel

Performance diesel helps amplify your diesel engine while protecting the parts that help it run. It can raise your car's cetane level, protect your car's lubricity, cold weather performance, and stability. Most diesel additives also contain cleaners that keep your system clean and in pristine condition. 

At Pure Motoring Products, we strive to provide you with products to help keep your vehicle in top form. We have a range of products, including diesel additives, gasoline additives, summer additives, and more. Visit our site to learn more about all the products we have available.