How Gas Additives Help Your Vehicle

January 31, 2023

When you are filling up at the gas station, do you think about the quality of gas going into your vehicle? Poor gas quality can be a major source of engine problems, especially in older vehicles. For something as important as your vehicle that drives you and your loved ones all over the country, you want to be sure you’re taking care of it the best way possible. For many of us, our older vehicles are sentimental pieces of our past, and preserving them is important. This is where gas additives come in. 

Gasoline Performance Additives from Pure Motoring Products

Do Gasoline additives really work?

Gas additives can enhance certain aspects of the fuel you add to your tank, help to prevent maintenance issues with fuel injectors, and help to limit buildup. Regardless of what the pump says, the gas pumping out will not have the added treatments that you can find with a quality product out there. Depending on what you want from the additive will depend on the product you choose. Pure Motoring Products hosts many options for any need. It’s important to note that one application will not improve the overall fuel economy right away. You’ll need to provide additives consistently to ensure optimal performance. Older vehicles tend to have more buildup of gunk in fuel injectors, which means additives are especially important for these cars. 

Types of fuel additives

Because different products provide different benefits, it’s important to know which one your vehicle could use most. Some vehicles that are used intermittently and sit for long periods could use a fuel stabilizer. This is good for classic cars only driven on the sunniest days, lawnmowers, and boats. One of the best products out there for a stabilizing additive is STORZALL, which preserves fuel for as little as 30 days and as long as a full year. This product also provides protection for engine components. For the hot rod lover that punches the gas to get that thrill, an octane booster may be a great choice to provide more power behind the wheel. Lower octane fuel can cause a shockwave from pressure, which over time may create a knocking sound. If this is the case with your vehicle, an octane booster may help. To keep systems clear of gunk and buildup, a cleaning and performance additive such as Phaze-Out is a quality product that will keep your car out of the shop. It cleans critical components of the fuel system and helps prevent corrosion of metal parts. Gas treatment additives aim to remove carbon deposits which helps to clean and stabilize fuel. 

For many vehicles, combining a couple specialized additives can be your best bet. If you want to up your vehicle maintenance game and are unsure where to start, give us a call. We have many products to help a variety of vehicle maintenance issues. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle runs optimally for years to come.