Diesel Additives for All Temperatures

February 18, 2023

All Weather Diesel Performance Additives from Pure Motoring Products

Diesel fuel is especially temperamental during the freezing months of winter. The cold can turn diesel to a gel-like texture, making it difficult to start your vehicle. This problem may not exist in the summer, but diesel fuels still need protection from the extreme heat. There are five main considerations for taking care of diesel fuel in the summer: water dispersal, fuel stabilization, lubricity, inhibiting rust, and boosting cetane. 

Winter Diesel Fuel Help

Using additives in the winter lowers the cold filter plugging point (CFPP), which is the lowest temperature that diesel can pass through a vehicle’s filtration system. This number will vary based on the type of diesel fuel you’re using and when it was refined. Diesel also has a natural wax in it, which starts to solidify when temperatures drop. If a vehicle hasn’t run in a few days or temperatures are extremely cold, the wax begins to gel up. Water is also found in diesel fuel, and its freezing point is higher than wax, which means it freezes even sooner. Diesel additives contain emulsifiers to capture and remove this excess water and they lower the CFPP, preventing the gelling and freezing process. Artic Flo is a high quality cold-weather additive that improves flow and lubricity, prevents gelling, and protects the fuel system. Another cold-weather option is Artic Power, which also improves cold flow and lubricity as well as fuel economy and cetane while also reducing exhaust emissions. Diesel-Fire Plus is another winter option that will help improve cold flow while also increasing lubricity and cetane. It also separates water and keeps the fuel system clean. 

Summer and All-Weather Diesel Fuel Additive Options

With the right additive, you can turn poor-quality diesel into a high-quality fuel. Lack of lubricity is detrimental to the many components that rely on lubrication to perform efficiently. Additionally, on hot days condensation can build up and create problems inside your fuel system due to rust and corrosion. A performance additive like Diesel Fire is a great warm-weather demulsifier that will help improve fuel economy, separates water, and increases cetane and lubricity. For a biocide performance additive that kills microbial slime, consider Bio-blast. This all-weather formula gets rid of fungi that plug filers, protects fuel lines and filters, and protects water phases from harmful microbial slime. It’s designed for today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel. A popular option for a diesel fuel system cleaner is Carbon Crusher, which cleans the entire fuel system and reduces fuel costs. This product increases power, reduces diesel particulate filter regeneration, and stabilizes fuel. It’s specially formulated for high pressure common rail fuel systems and offers the many benefits of a quality cleaning additive. Finally, the best option for an overall performance additive for diesel is Diesel Aid, which enhances the all-around performance of your vehicle. Fuel economy, cold flow, and lubricity is improved, water is totally dispersed, corrosion is prevented, and microbial slime is controlled with this solution.

When it comes to your diesel engine, winter is not the only time to provide assistance. High-quality additives can be beneficial any time of the year.