Debunking Fuel Additive Myths

May 16, 2023

Debunking Fuel Additive Myths by Pure Motoring Products


Any product will have its pros and cons. But sometimes a product starts getting a bad rap because of simple misunderstandings. If you’re curious about gasoline and diesel fuel additives but also skeptical, read on as we debunk these untruths!

Myth 1:  Additives are Useless and a Waste of Money

Additives are particularly beneficial for older vehicles. They can help remove dirt and buildup from years of use or storage. Restorative additives can help repair small cracks on metal surfaces and walls. This increases engine compression and in turn makes the vehicle more responsive when you hit the gas. For newer vehicles, fuel additives are still beneficial to help protect from consistent use and prevents new buildup or corrosion from forming in the first place. 

Myth 2: Additives, Over Time, Are Actually Bad for Engines

Fuel additives are heavily tested to ensure that they are safe for their purpose. When used correctly, quality additives will not harm your engine. Additives help keep the engine clean, enhances fuel flow, and protects the fuel system from corrosion. 

Myth 3: Good Fuel Quality Will Prevent Issues

Fuel is usually of excellent quality when it leaves the production facility. However, through transportation and storage, pollutants arise and that is often what causes issues with a vehicle’s fuel system. Water from condensation and leakage can combine with naturally occurring bacteria to form sediments which can create buildup in your vehicle’s fuel system and engine. Preventing buildup in your fuel system can be managed with the right additive. 

Myth 4: Additives Won’t Save You Money on Fuel 

Additives can actually save you about 8-10% on fuel costs. This is mostly due to their ability to effectively clean the engine and components. Additives journey though the vehicle’s fuel pump, valves, and the combustion chamber to clean everything along its path. When the fuel flows freely, the engine responds with more efficiency because it doesn’t need to work around debris, corrosion, or buildup.  

Myth 5: Additives Don’t Help to Drain Fluid 

Testing shows additives help by removing water thus preventing the fuel from freezing. Cold starts are much more manageable with quality additives, especially for diesel engines. Additives help to clean the engine and make the engine run more smoothly overall because it minimizes water damage issues, such as rust or corrosion. 

Myth 5: Too Much Additive Can Damage Your Vehicle

Naturally you don’t want to constantly dump a fuel additive into your vehicle without reading the recommended dose, but if you happen to occasionally overdo it a bit, there is nothing to worry about. Avoiding additives all together because you’re worried about putting in too much means you’re missing out on the benefits of a truly helpful additive for your vehicle’s needs. Read the label and consult with a professional to make sure you’re using the correct dosage at the correct times. 

There are many additive options on the market today, and not all additives are created equal. To keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, only trust the experts and the quality additives at Pure Motoring Products.